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Staff Directory

Contact Chris Miller  Chris Miller (707) 431-3410 Principal
Student Services
Contact Bethany Carlson  Bethany Carlson (707) 431-3410 ex: 207 School Counselor
Contact Zenia Horning  Zenia Horning (707) 431-3132 District Psychologist
Contact Maureen Rauch  Maureen Rauch (707) 431-3410 ex: 210 Speech Therapist
Contact Erin Ryan  Erin Ryan (707) 431-3410 Dean of Students
Contact Bella Barclay  Bella Barclay Teacher
Contact Lissa Beard  Lissa Beard Teacher
Contact Jenean Bingham  Jenean Bingham Teacher
Contact Angelica Camacho  Angelica Camacho Teacher
Contact Greg Costa  Greg Costa Teacher
Contact Patrick Daniels  Patrick Daniels Teacher
Contact Robin Doherty  Robin Doherty Teacher
Contact Rosa Duran-Vazquez  Rosa Duran-Vazquez Teacher
Contact Lillian Fonseca  Lillian Fonseca Teacher
Contact Cynthia Gouig  Cynthia Gouig Teacher
Contact Gloria Hurtado  Gloria Hurtado Teacher
Contact Jamie LaPlante  Jamie LaPlante Teacher
Contact Jennifer Majcherek  Jennifer Majcherek Teacher
Contact Sydnee Mardell  Sydnee Mardell Teacher
Contact Patricia Murphy  Patricia Murphy Teacher
Contact John Natelli  John Natelli Teacher
Contact TC Peterson  TC Peterson Teacher
Contact Serina Rasp  Serina Rasp Teacher
Contact Travis Taylor  Travis Taylor Teacher
Office Staff
Contact Lucy Alcantar  Lucy Alcantar (707) 431-3410 Bilingual Office Assistant
Contact Lisa Licea  Lisa Licea (707) 431-3410 ex: 202 School Secretary
Contact Suzy Von Arx  Suzy Von Arx (707) 431-3412 Registrar/Attendance
Contact Varci Hansen  Varci Hansen (707) 331-1109 District Nurse
Contact Lorelei Anderson  Lorelei Anderson Library Technicain
Athletic Director
Contact Dave Stine  Dave Stine Athletic Director